Friday, January 25, 2013

2013 Color of the Year - Emerald

Each year the design industries - fashion, home decor, and automotive, to name a few - anxiously await the announcement of Pantone's Color of the Year. For 2013, the color is Emerald Green. While this certainly has some of us arching our brows in surprise, there is reasoning and logic behind the choice. Design decisions are often a reaction to previous trends and the cool, soothing balm of luxurious gemstones and deep forest foliage are a counterbalance to last years hot and zingy Tangerine Tango. Green historically has been a prominent color in our interior landscapes, trending from avocado to sage to lime to...emerald over the past few decades, mostly because the color green is tied to a very large and emotional social issue, nature and the environment.

For what it's worth, here's a look at using Emerald Green in our homes.....

Beautiful when paired with warm antique brass, this rich accent color sends an inviting welcome and emphasizes the entrance to the home.

Emerald green can be overpowering if not handled with respect. Here it is softened by a rubbed paint treatment, complemented by the pink, and further toned down by the creamy furnishings -- all perfect in this girl's room. I love the elegance of the beaded chandelier - a throw back to an earlier age of luxury.

Emerald is lovely when paired with modern black and white furnishings. I love that the color does not go to the ceiling; it opens the space visually from above. Imagine how dead this space would look with white walls!

Alexander Doherty Apartment Design - Farrow and Ball Paint Colors - House Beautiful

I looooove lilac and emerald together. What a lovely vignette!

Alexander Doherty Apartment Design - Farrow and Ball Paint Colors - House Beautiful

Emerald for 2013. 
Look for it in fashion at this year's Academy Awards and home accessories like malachite picture frames, table ware, and obelisks, and even appliances for the kitchen.
 What will you do with emerald in your interiors? Do you have a favorite shade of green?

Photos courtesy of  Benjamin Moore unless otherwise noted


Cathy Cooper said...

Emerald? I was a bit taken aback. But your pictures show how lovely this color can be when used correctly. And that's why you do what you do, and I do what I do!

I look forward to reading future entries and learning more about design and color.

jayne said...

Thanks Cathy! Since color is my favorite part of design, I will be focused on it for the next few posts. I love sharing my knowledge on this with you!

Elliot Fineman said...

Jayne, what a surprising and refreshing choice, elegant, fresh and sophisticated all at once. I am so glad you are there to provide your intelligent and creative guidance; you are indeed an emerald. I look forward to reading and being inspired by your future posts.

Jayne said...

Elliot, I look forward to your encouraging comments! Thank you!

Sue in Vail said...

Love the blog! Good-luck with it. As you know, I've always loved your decorating advice! Initially thought emerald green an odd choice, but agree with the comment above - once you see the pics it really works. My teenage bedroom (which my mom only redid about 10 years ago) had a kelly green bedspread and I loved it. Green is a happy color!

Queenie said...

Hi Jayne. Loved seeing this and particularly enjoyed your comments. It's a great idea of how to see the latest in color and design without buying a magazine and leaving your home. Can't wait to see your next blog!

Jayne said...

Sue You (and Mike) always have had an adventuresome spirit when it comes to color. I have loved working with you on your projects.

Jayne said...

What kind thoughts Queenie! I will continue with the color theme for a few posts before moving on to other thoughts, for what it's worth....

lisa walsh | allied ASID said...

Hi Jayne,
Congratulations on the launch of your blog! Great minds think alike, because I wrote a post about emerald green, too!
All the best,

Karen said...

Hi Jayne, I love the new blog and your creative discussion of designer fashion trends. Thank you for showing various uses for a color I didn't know was going to play a role in my life in 2013. Cheers, Karen

Nathanael Bennett Photography said...

Hi Jayne,

Great work, congratulations on the new blog and nice new portrait- (-:

Yes, I saw that Pantone stated Emerald was the 'color of the year',
I'm warming up to it-

I guess 57,00 Munchkins (in the Emerald City) can't be wrong.



Jayne said...

You are my idol; I am just following in your footsteps Lisa!

Jayne said...

You will notice Emerald everywhere now! After I wrote this last week, both Hillary Clinton and Mariah Carey where on TV the same evening (different venues, of course)wearing Emerald dresses.

Jayne said...

So funny:) Love my new portrait. Thanks Nate!

Joel Lesser said...


Great Blog. The design is simple yet informative. Can't wait for the next color choice!



Nicole Inamine Holthuis said...

Love this Jayne. Beautiful, inspiring blog. Looking forward to learning more so that I can get my house into a bit better shape!


Jayne said...

Thanks Joel. Will keep blogging. I am really enjoying this!

Jayne said...

You are off to a great start Nicole. Thanks for the kind feedback. Share with the book club:)