Monday, January 28, 2013

Why We Love Blues

Blue - the color of endless skies and tranquil seas - has historically been a favorite and currently is enjoying a renaissance in interiors. Like its color wheel neighbor green, it is associated with the environment, a strong social issue today, and therefore has staying power, making it a good long-term selection to consider in your color schemes.

Love the subtle beach accents and the finish detail  at the carpet edge

Why is blue such a great choice to use in your bedroom? Studies done on productivity for the war effort in the 1940's showed that when people were placed in a blue room, their heart rate, blood pressure and body temperature decreased.  Therefore is it a very tranquil, calming color to gaze upon and ...for what it's worth...perfect in a bedroom!

A few well-selected accessories--the trio of mirrors, birdcage, personalized linens and beaded chandelier make this pastel blue room one to dream in!

Love the fingerprint rug with the aqua hues of this room!

Navy blue is wonderful when contrasted against a crisp white! Also note that while these walls are painted a strong and powerful shade of blue, there is plenty of white space in the casings, wainscot and hanging art to keep the space from being oppressive.

40 Friendly and Fresh Blue Interior Design Ideas
Don't forget the blues found in views, florals, and Chinese porcelain.

Although I am not usually a fan of blue in bathrooms- it does not enhance our skin tones- it can create a relaxing spa-like environment and in a large space like this can work beautifully.

So the constant, celestial, tranquil blue. My family room has a deep marine blue accent wall to bring serenity at the end of our day. What room will you paint blue?


Cathy Cooper said...

You chose some beautiful pictures but I'm generally not a fan of blue, either in my clothing or my home. I've read that "color-challenged" individuals like myself can take a cue from their closet and go with colors that they enjoy wearing.

What do you think of that advice?

Jayne said...

I love to design in the colors I feel are the most flattering for me to wear. As a designer, I have to look objectively at my projects and help clients choose their favorites - not mine - and that is not always easy! My primary advise to a client is to choose colors you love and are passionate about, so if blue is not one of your favorites, do not select it for your home palette. The good news is there are millions of color choices!

Doris Joos said...

I like the blog and the inspirational photos you've chosen for the two colors!
Blue is my favorite color. I could really get lost in a calm blue-green.

Jayne said...

Doris -
Thank you for following my new blog. You have a calming personality so I am not surprised that blue is your favorite color.