Saturday, March 2, 2013

Zesty Zippy Orange

How much fun to bring vibrant, energetic orange into an interior setting! Studies show that orange rooms inspire creativity and conversation while also stimulating the senses. Orange reminds us of sunsets, spices, fire and heat and can be successfully used in physically cooler rooms to psychologically warm those spaces. Fascinating!

For what it's worth, let's look at these inspiring and welcoming  interiors, and how they apply orange at its best.

An orange palette in various shades of terra cotta, pumpkin, tangerine and sorbet, unite this room and create an inviting, happy place to visit and enjoy.
Zuniga Interiors

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Mango, pumpkin, apricot, paprika, nectarine and persimmon-- flavors and tastes promoting health and nutrition complement our interior - and flavor - palettes.  Definitely my favorite color to use in a kitchen as it promotes creativity, conversation, and appetite!

  Adding white to orange creates the tint of peach found in these walls,  adding black creates the brown tones seen here in the chandelier, toss pillows and coffee table. Don't forget that many wood tones are actually composed of orange undertones and are extremely rich when paired with this vibrant palette.
 ARTISSIMO - Idit Deutsch

Don't you love the "House Rules"? And of course, the soft mints and salmons
work perfectly against the soft blue grey backdrop
Jill Wolff Interior Design
On the color wheel, orange is positioned across from blue, which pairs into a harmonious complimentary scheme. Note the varying shades and tints of orange - from the salmon seat fabric to the deep paprika colors of the florals and accents - which are repeated in the cherry blossom motif of the art.
 Mandarina Studio

Orange can prove a very powerful color. If it feels too overwhelming to use in an entire room, 
apply it to a single, focal wall .....
CWB Architects

 ...or sprinkle it throughout as accents in toss pillows and accessories. It is smashing here with 
the splash of lime and heathered greens.
Annette English
Oranges are great to use in baths as they reflect a healthy flattering glow 
with our skin tones. How fantastic to walk out of any room thinking "I look my absolute best"! 
Stunning sconces!
Schippman Design
Vintage glass.

Zesty, zippy orange ... love it or hate it ... is one of the more controversial colors on the wheel. 
Tell us your feelings about applying orange in your world.


Anonymous said...

Cool! Orange is totally my color! I love using it in kitchens because it reminds me of my favorite food: tangerines! Love it!

Jayne said...

It is a fun color in the kitchen. And I love seeing a big inviting bowl of tangerines sitting on the counter top ready to eat.