Monday, July 29, 2013

Magical Violet

Violet . . . the color of royalty and wealth. In ancient times and throughout the middle ages, purple dye was the most precious material in the world because of the difficulty - and therefore expense - of obtaining it. Only the extremely wealthy could afford the pigments for their portraits or the dyes for their textiles and interiors. 

Plus it looks is smashing when paired with its royal complementary - gold.

purple paint

Violet ranges from the red violets seen above....

Jamie  Drake the blue violets seen above in this tranquil living space above. 

Because of its placement between passionate red and soothing blue, its physiological and psychological effects are neutralized or will be based on whether that violet color tends towards the reds or towards the blues. A red violet will be more energizing and warmer and maybe a better choice for enhancing skin tones in a bathroom and using an indigo or blue violet may be a perfect choice to use in a restful bedroom.

How have I never realized that I needed a purple harp in my life?
Historically, violet has been associated with magic and enchantments. Think Harry Potter! People who prefer violet tend to be eccentric, whimsical, enigmatic, and artistic and often violet interiors are eccentric, eclectic, and fantasy inspired, just like we see here. I think everyone should own a violet hued harp!

Markham Roberts
Violet trends more than other colors. Used as an accent,  particularly for decorative toss pillows or an accent wall color or in decorative accessories as seen here, makes it easy to change out as it waxes and wanes with our culture.

My question to you this week -- what magical elements will you add to your interiors through the use of violet.

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Nicole Michelle Centers said...

Purple is one of my favorite colors in interiors!