Thursday, July 4, 2013

A Passion for Red

Red inspires excitement and danger! Think of your emotional reaction when you conjure up images of magenta stilettos or a cherry red sports car or an exotic room like below. Red sends really strong messages that just cannot be ignored. And why is that?

Studies show that people in who spend time in  red rooms have increased body temperature, blood pressure, and heart rate... and an increased appetite as well. And it's not only our appetite for food but all appetites:  drinking and lust and sex and spending money.  Watch out the next time you're on a shopping spree or lounging in a bordello!

I love the curved door, the lighted obelisks and the Renaissance details in the wall motifs
 in this rich interior.

Red flatters to our skin tones and as such is a n excellent choice where we want to see our best image-
like the bath or powder room.

What color for the dining room?
 How about one that makes us want to linger, around beautiful looking people, and eat luscious, 
mouth-watering food with great gusto? No wonder it is the color for this area of the home!
Add a bit of white to red and you get a sumptuous, delicious pink. Paired with white trim and furnishings, 
this room just exudes happy sophistication!
Red constantly demands our attention, and it's not subtle in any way. Used judiciously in smaller ways, it can be a powerful little accent. The punch of red in this kitchen livens up an otherwise sterile room and
 touches it with just the right amount of charm and personality.

Rich, bold and powerful....Are you daring enough to use red?


Chris Tolomei (alicethelma) said...

Ever since my mother told when I was young that red looks good on me, I have loved red. I'm currently eyeing a red Paong chair at Ikea. I think it's a great statement piece for my living room.

Greg G. said...

We have a mid-century style, and have decorated in a modern variation. We have a tomato red accent wall, and matching red chairs, plus red flowering plants. The rest is neutral tinted grays, and mint/lime pale green.

Jayne Bunce said...

Your mother was right Chris, with your hair coloring red is a terrific color for you. Go for the red Paong!

Jayne Bunce said...

Greg, this room sounds so delicious! I love the colors lime and tomato combined -- a great complementary color harmony.

Bobbysarn said...

I love seeing all these red themed spaces!